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Intelligent Analytics/AI

Analytics at the Edge done right, by separating the compute power from the sensor itself gives us the ability to provide the necessary processing required at the edge for each situation and device. Typical video edge devices today try to add the necessary processing in the camera housing creating potential issues such as heat, limited processing, and expense. This may also limit the customer to proprietary solutions and software, no flexibility, limited features, and upgrade options. Our solution eliminates this, allowing us to deploy robust edge hardware to process many sensor types and gives the customer the flexibility to deploy non-proprietary hardware on an open platform. 

Security is the focus and LiDAR is a new and exciting technology that gives Valitus a unique edge in the way our customers can secure themselves and others from potential threats in harsh environmental conditions. With recent advancements in LiDAR, and visualization of the point cloud data and Machine Learning's ability to classify and track objects, we are working on opening the door to new security solutions. LiDAR’s advantages include 24 hour operation (No need for IR or other camera adjustments), can see through glass, not susceptible to shadows, improved penetration through fog, rain, smoke, and foliage, for operation in harsh environments, and can more precisely track an object’s speed and trajectory than traditional cameras in these conditions.  Valitus is looking to capitalize on the technology by adding LiDAR and edge processing to our current capabilities to help secure critical infrastructure and sensitive perimeters.

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